Scissor Lift Safety Manual

Ating a scissor lift or vertical mast lift, jlg recommends wearing a full body harness. A key aspect of scissor lift safety, and one that every company needs to pay attention to, is proper scissor lift maintenance.

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Positioning the scissor lift to avoid electrocution, arc flash, and thermal burns is important for safely using scissor lifts near energized power lines.

Scissor lift safety manual. Positioning the scissor lift to. Viii scissor lifts part no. It also provides a detailed description of the safety practices individuals must follow as an operator of mewps.

The scissor safety plan is not so different from the generic safety plan. Only trained operators should be allowed to use the equipment. They are defined as follows:

* the scissor lifts can be driven while in the cage and allowing to work from elevated positions. Adequate risk assessment should be carried out to choose the right equipment for the task. Since electricity can arc or jump from the power line to the scissor lift or worker, electrocution.

1) operating and emergency controls; • be sure all safety devices are operating properly. The ansi manual of responsibilities outlines the responsibilities of manufacturers, dealers, owners, users, supervisors, operators, occupants, lessors, lessees and brokers of mewps as they relate to the safe use of the equipment.

Employees should never ride on a scissor lift unless the following conditions exist: No person should be in the lift area during the raising and lowering cycles of vehicle lifts. Download and customize the checklist according to the manufacturer’s manual of your scissor lift.

The service and maintenance manual. Safety of personnel and proper use of the machine are of primary concern, danger, warning, caution, important, instructions and note are inserted throughout this manual to emphasize these areas. During the afternoon of october 27, 2010, in st.

A moving scissor lift is near a fixed object. The only difference is that, the generic safety plan covers a whole project, while the scissor safety plan only covers a specific operation. Hydrauli sissor lift manual 2016.1 hydrauli sissor lift manual safety information:

The safety plan for the scissor lift is a very important document, which is always kept for reference purposes. Typically this is called turtle mode and on the control panel it is commonly displayed as a turtle symbol. Use signal words to identify the following:

1000031 safety rules do not drive the machine on a slope that exceeds the slope and side slope rating of the machine. Only stand on th for more information or pricing call: Jlg industries may have issued safety related bulletins for your jlg product.

Scissor lifts are classified as a type of man lift. The safe operation of the scissor lift table is of pretty importance. Avoid electrocution, arc flash, and thermal burns is important for safely using scissor lifts near energized power lines.

Scissor lift stabilization for safe use. For further information please contact the health and safety authority on 1890 289 389 or email [email protected] Since the goods to be loaded can be big in size, and heavy in weight.

Scissor lift safety * when moving the scissor lift it must be set to the slowest setting. Nationwide in 2009, 22 workers suffered a fatal occupational injury while operating a man lift. • the scissor lift passes under a fixed object, such as a door frame or a support beam.

A moving vehicle and the scissor lift are operating closely. Specific safety procedures for scissor lifts never raise the platform while the lift is on a truck or other vehicle. Any person working on or around a machine must be aware of all known safety hazards.

If the scissor lift isn’t properly secured, it can make the machine tip over, causing damage to the equipment and crew. Scissor lifts are reliable mobile elevating work platforms used by workers to reach elevated work locations in a variety of industries and applications.scissor lift safety requires careful consideration of the equipment specifications and standardizing safe operator practices through effective training. Alc breaks down crucial safety information so any employee will understand how to safely operate a scissor.

Personal safety and the continued safe operation of the machine should be your top priority. Engage safety arm before performing maintenance or repair. Check our safety bulletin tool for important information on your articulated boom lift, telescopic boom lift, scissor lift or telehandler.

An approved vendor shall be contracted with the cooperation of the department who owns the lift, or the department will have personnel trained to do the inspection. Full color motivational safety poster 18 x 24 laminated aerial & scissor lift safety tips perform a prestart inspection prior to use. T107026 44255 114385 82558 82561 72853 28175 82561 b crushing hazard death or serious injury can result from contact with moving scissor arms.

One of the greatest hazards and most frequent causes of preventable scissor lift accidents is poor stabilization. Use this scissor lift safety checklist to ensure scissor lift is in good working condition. The scissor lift passes under a fixed object, such as a door frame or a support beam.

Equipment should be properly maintaining following the manufacturer’s instructions. The surface on which the lift is being moved is within 3 degrees of level and free of pits, holes and obstructions; Aerial lift safety is of paramount importance to genie.

Slope rating applies to machines in the stowed position. To help your workers test their knowledge about scissor lift safety rules and also demonstrate on your actual scissor lifts! Refer to the vehicle lift user manual for safety information.


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