Safety Inspection Checklist For Plate Compactor

Using the pneumatic compactor inspection template app as a part of your routine safety check helps ensure that equipment is in good condition and will stay that way throughout the compacting process. Created by real iauditor users, foremen and site supervisors can use this construction safety inspection template to proactively check if the construction site is following safety measures intended to keep workers safe.


Safe operation demands constant diligence and should always be the operator's no.

Safety inspection checklist for plate compactor. Check fuel tank is full (straight petrol) ! This unit is designed as a powerful, productive machine that should be operated with respect and caution. Suite 507 oakville on l6h 2c1 tel:

Vibrating plate compactor safety instructions read and understand these instructions before his equipment. It also checks if workers have sufficient protection and if the area is secured. _____ compactor complies with above.

(22 kn) plate compactor (or 2 passes w/ min. Use extreme caution and always be aware of ground subsidence with compaction vibration transfer Check that all signs and warnings are in place and in good condition:

Compactor instruction and safety guidebook the university of north carolina at chapel hill books in circulation: * always wear protective clothing when operating rammer. * never touch the muffler, engine cylinders, or cooling fins because they could be hot.

• work progressively over the area to be compacted, to prevent the machine from ‘digging in’. For instance, goggles, safety glasses and safety shoes. • safety glasses or goggles.

Check for loose nuts, bolts, screws ! * never leave a running machine unattended. The top copy of the checklist is displayed on or by the compacto r to show that it has.

May become entangled in belt drive ensure that the area to be compacted does not contain any 'live' electrical cables, gas, water or It also helps users meets the osha standard for health and safety in the workplace for plate compactor usage. 5/5/2014 page 1 of 25

Turn control panel keyswitch to \'off\' position & remove key The objective is to evaluate if hand and power tools meet safety requirements before use. Compactor safety checklist the following is a safety checklist for the purpose of keeping the compactor in a safe operating condition.

This hand and tool inspection checklist conforms with osha standards on tool safety. The roller compactor inspection checklist you see to the right is a great example of what your checklists should look like, with comprehensive checks on every core part of the roller compactor including: Browse the public library of over 100,000 free editable checklists for all industries.

The compactor guy / preventative maintenance inspection / repair report the compactor guy inc, 1230 white oaks blvd. Misuse or carelessness can result in serious injury or property damage. This section outlines basic safety procedures that apply to the operation,maintenance and adjustment of the plate compactor.

And be easily accessible for inspection and maintance. Engine oil is at correct level ! • let compactor plane along by itself, using the handles to steer the machine along.

Safety instructions for this equipment ensure all guards are in place before operating machine. Operators should familiarise the mselves with the operator s manual for the particular machine being used to ensure that they understand all safety precautions. View and download roller / vibratory / compactor inspection for free.

Owrr (3), generator shop (1), maintenance (1) \\\recycling$\share\dumpsters\compactor book\compactor book 2013\compactor book for web.docx. Using a roller compactor inspection checklist is the easiest and most reliable way to create those cadenced checks. Before operating any soil compactor, the operator should understand several things:

10,000 lbf (44 kn) plate compactor) all pavers within 2 m or 6 ft of the laying face fully compacted at the completion of each day Plate compactor safety checklist contract no: Task sequence identified hazards in task key p roce sses to be followed precautions / ppe required 1.

Direct feed compactors having automatic cycling, must have an access cover to close off the opening,. • be alert and cautious when wearing hearing protection as your ability to hear warnings (shouts, alarms etc.) is restricted. * never use the choke to stop the engine.

All access pannels must have a warning sign: Using the right tool is essential to safety. You can only be certain that actual situations exist in the workplace if you check them from time to time.

• bring the machine back to idle to stay stationary or when travelling over compacted or solid ground. The operator should understand the designated use of the machine and use it only for its intended purpose.

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