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Please buy online and your order will be delivered in 3 to 4 working days Grass/playground mats are a commonly used safety surfacing across the uk but as a supplier one thing clear to us is that the testing of these mats is something not commonly understood in the industry.

Details about TERRASOFTA alternative to playground safety

Rubber grass mats for playgrounds allow grass to grow through 25mm holes allow efficient drainage ideal for grassed sites, the grass mat.

Playground safety grass mats. Playground safety mats are highly required now days for any kids playing area, whether in schools, hospitals, nurseries or homes. Grass mats for playground from The grass mats are ideal for allowing new grass to grow through on poached areas, reducing mud in gateways, creating non slip pathways, grass protection, or for containing gravel.

The edges are bevelled, to minimize tripping and contact points. They can be installed during winter however; Manufactured from heavy duty rubber material these mats are ideal for very soft and muddy ground.

Grass mats for playgrounds are perfect for play areas, with excellent safety and aesthetic properties. Home / shop / safety surfacing / grass mats / grasslok 16mm. This product is by far the simplest safety surface to install and can be cut to fit around playground equipment.

Everybody is concerned about kid’s safety and wants to protect them from falling and jumping injuries, so are we! Our team of playground installers, tie each 1, x 1.5m rubber mat together using cable ties and then peg the edges into a channel cut into the turf. Manufactured from rubber, they are laid directly onto established playground grass.

Open switch is usually attached to them. Our customer base includes the nhs and utility companies, plus numerous businesses connected to food production and distribution. You will already have a.

We are open for business. Getting to know the operating of these mats is not a difficult task. This category contains the different grass mats that are used to fix/ improve your muddy gateways, fields and turn out areas!

Safer grass surfacing also know simply as grass mats are the most cost effective form of school playground safety surfacing. These grass mats clip to make up a single larger surface. The outdoor rubber mats, also known as playground mats or playground flooring, help to put a little bounce to when a person hits the surface of the flooring.

We feel we are obliged to continue supporting those who support us. Here you will get to see wide range of safety mats. Our range of grass mats are the ideal solution for any walking or footway grass surface.

Call us today on 01744 520110 When playground safety is your top priority, you can rely on our swingset safety mats. Our rubber grass mats are manufactured from superior quality and heavy duty rubber which makes them, durable and completely all weather resistant.

3m critical fall heights (cfh) are often quoted but are also often misunderstood by customers. When applied to cut turf, the grass grows up through the honeycomb cells to create a carpet of green throughout the playground. The grass grows up and through the surface and in only a few weeks the area blends in with the rest of the environment creating a.

The mats are placed on the grass and over time, as it grows, the mat will become more and more hidden until eventually it just appears as grass. Supplied with free ties and pegs. The edge is then bedded down to ensure.

Safety matta grass mat style safety surfacing provides a safer surface whilst promoting maximum grass growth, and as the tiles mould to the shape of the ground, is suitable for use on contoured sites or slopes. The best time for installation is spring. Our grass protection mats possess superb drainage qualities due to holes and an ideal choice for the grassy areas.

The ring hole design are designed to allow grass to grow back through the mat. Explore the products of playground safety mats. Our customer base includes the nhs and utility companies, plus numerous businesses connected to food production and distribution.

The mats come in 5ft x 3.3ft squares, so they do not pose a choking hazard to young children. Easy to move around when needed. The mats weigh 40 lbs.

Welcome to safety mats uk. Rubber flooring supply grass mats for playgrounds, offering the benefit of over 60 years of experience in the industry. The rubber grass mat are manufactured from flexible, durable and heavy duty rubber compound and are available in two thickness i.e.

Its unique and innovative design means that unlike other types of matting, it is made from recycled material. Simply you need to know that through safety mats you will flourish even more. They are certified for playground use, for a fall from 4′.

This provides a very natural feel these are commonly used in facilities that require safety enhancements such as parks and play areas. Safagrass 1.5m x 1.0m rubber grass mats playground safety surfacing tested to en1177 be the first to review this product commercially tested to en1177 our 1m x 1.5m x 23mm thick c/w pegs and ties to provide a cfh of 3.00m depending on soil conditions. We are open for business.

This because the grass is growing so they embed faster, giving you the best basis for the winter. 1500 mm x 1000 mm x 23 mm; We offer safagrass rubber matting which is made from environmentally friendly materials together with grasslok interlocking pvc matting which is fire retardant and uv.

They’re also good for preventing kids’ feet from eroding resilient surfacing while using the swings. Grass mats for playgrounds are perfect for play areas, with excellent safety and aesthetic properties. They are also ideal in wash areas, or in children’s playgrounds.

While offering protection from falls, grass mats also allows grass to continue to grow, giving your backyard playground, school playground, or park playground a natural, safe feel. Because the safety of your children is priority number one, we are pleased to introduce the grass mats playground safety mats. Our finest quality exclusive grass mats and grass matting products are an excellent solution for playground and walk ways.

Their setting is very much simple. You will understand it very easily.

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