Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor Disassembly

Do one leg at a time, making just tiny adjustments and open and close the door after each adjustment to see if the issue has been fixed. I can service fatboy razors from date code d3 to date code f2 as long as the razor has 2 notches on the bottom of the tto knob.

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Is my vintage de gillette safety razor broken?.

Gillette adjustable safety razor disassembly. I screwed up the razor while trying to get the handle off the head. On reassembly, the head subassembly must be pressed into the handle tube at a precise depth in order for the razor to adjust and shave properly. With adjustable razors, you can use a small knob near the top of the handle to change the gap between the razor blade and the safety bar, customizing your razor to the level of comfort you desire most.

Razor is stripped of original plating using a gentle chemical bath. Well i have an old gillette adjustable myself that my sister got at an estate sale. Gold revamp of 1958 executive adjustable.

If you want an adjustable razor today you have to go to the german firm of merkur and their three adjustable models, the progress, the futur and the vision. March 16, 2013 at 4:04 pm. Razor has been cleaned, polished and blade gaps have been checked and adjusted if needed.

Disassembly can easily further damage or destroy a gillette tto adjustable. No cooties that can kill you can live for long on the surface of a razor. This ad is for 1 service to disassembly, clean, polish, reassembly, adjust and shipping back to you your vintage gillette fatboy razor.

Gillette adjustable gillette rocket and gillette blue a closeup of the gillette blue. I have 3 fatboys d 1958, e 1959, f 1960 and a slim h 1962. After 1988, gillette deemed it uneconomic to continue producing products for the double edge razor and razor blade markets.

The “fat boy” adjustable razor: Gem “1912,” gem micromatic, gillette “flair tip” super speed, gillette slim adjustable, gillette “fatboy” adjustable, schick krona, and schick injector. The d & e i was able to easily grip the recessed nut with needle nose pliers and field strip both razors clean a reassemble, one had alot of blue crud in it that i cleaned with a bronze gun cleaning brush.

So i figured why not make a little tutorial on how to clean up a gunky razor. I was more careful on #2, and gently tapped it apart. Posted by ed black on 13th jan 2021

I imagine it would take some clever engineering to make a razor with the number of pieces of an adjustable that is both sturdy but also could be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. Now we come to the fourth, less common, gillette adjustable, the toggle. 1960 gillette fatboy adjustable vintage safety razor set date code f3 in case in excellent shape!

The aforementioned brands are the ones you want to look for. Gillette changed the retaining nut in 1960 on the adjustables. Famous razor manufacturers include gillette and schick.

These were mostly used by barbers as most men went to barbershops. ) complete disassembly creates another problem. The date code says e1, so it's a prime target from the first quarter of 1959.

I also ended up with a toy shaver for the boys, a razor with no silo doors. If you are unsure if your razor has I would be interested in finding out what model it is.

We didn’t get a chance to take photos of our process, but here are a handful of vintage razors we restored this weekend. By way of introduction, the razor: These are how i do it and is in no way, shape, or form a hard and fast way of doing it.

Vintage 1965 gillette tto slim adjustable safety razor k1. If you don’t get the collecting bug, a gillette slim adjustable in good condition is a lifetime razor. Disassembly is carried out for the best results.

Here i'll link to the pic: We'll use all sort of methods to strip away the grime. From 1977 to 1988 the sole reigning model of adjustable double edge safety razor was a 109 mm black handled version with nickel plated brass doors and black plastic bottom plate.

Cleaning vintage safety razors down to the shine. Leave the razor submerged in the barbicide for a few hours, and then take it out and rinse it off carefully. I had been in the market for a de safety razor for about a month when, quite by accident, i stumbled across three vintage razors at an antique store.

Colloquially these razors have names (from left to right): Today we're going to show you how to clean vintage double edge razors. Stainless steel blades, which were reusable, emerged in 1960 and they reduced the cost of safety razor shaving.

And along with a few drops of dish soap, the cleaning accoutrements: Here is a short write up on measuring blade gap, which is where you want to start. One of the biggest things i would like to see is easier cleaning and disassembly.

Hopefully the razor you want to take apart looks like the one on the end below. The “fat boy” was one of the innovative razors that pioneered the ‘adjustable’ de razor variant. Depending on what you paid, or the provenance of the razor will determine if you want to tackle this yourself or send it out.

Sometimes it is also called a fat boy. The original adjustables were made with a lot of press fittings and crimpings. I was gifted an h1 gillette slim adjustable and she was pretty grimy.

Lubricate the hinges of the doors and scrub at them with an old toothbrush. The original retail list price was $1.95 and this is where the 195 comes from in its proper name. The adjustable gillettes are particularly nice.

Hopefully, the razor you want to take apart looks like the one to the right. You can also check the difference between the 3 models listed. The second razor posted has a great picture of the h2 datecode.

Here are a few razor models which you will commonly find: Remember, your razor is made out of brass, and it's relatively soft. At the factory, this was accomplished with a jig.

I now have a 70's ss that is nice all around, and i'll likely keep it forever, as i can't see selling a frankenrazor.

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