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Fire safety in the workplace quiz. Workplace safety & violence prevention 2017 workplace safety & violence prevention 2017. Test your fire safety knowledge with ouch. Our online fire safety trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top fire safety quizzes.

Other sets by this creator. In england and wales there are approximately 25,000 fires a year, and many business will never fully recover from a fire. Is a risk assessment a legal requirement?

All new staff should be trained in fire safety as part of their induction and refresher training should be carried out on an annual basis. Congratulation, your knowledge regarding fire safety is satisfactory but still there is a room for improvement to get the excellent result. It will cover general topics in the quiz questions on fire triangle, spread of fire, evacuation, use of fire extinguishers, assembly points and fire alarms.

Test your fire safety knowledge workplace fires and explosions can be catastrophic for any business, no matter their size, status, or location. When attempting to extinguish a fire you should use a maximum of. Welcome to another safety quiz brought to you by

This free safety quiz reviews important safety reminders you need to know while working in and around confined spaces. Quiz over workplace safety quiz over workplace safety. Use them to test your knowledge or share with your employees as a refresher on important health and safety issues.

The answers are provided at the bottom of this blog. Taken 466,390 times (correct answers: Welcome to your fire safety quiz.

The following key shows the answers for the fire safety safety meeting quiz. This time i have compiled you a fire safety quiz which will test your fire safety knowledge and refresh your memory. Workplaces with the highest risks of catching fire are restaurants and cafes which have open flames.

Workplaces with a minimum of ____ employees need to have a written fire prevention program in place. This fire safety quiz will give you a little revision on the theory section of the fire safety and fire wardens awards. Fall protection food safety …

Fire safety fire extinguisher training. Fire safety guide for hotels Fire safety general fire hazards and safety precautions highlight this presentation.

Print fire prevention & safety in the workplace worksheet 1. Discover your strengths and weaknesses as a creative problem solver by taking these quizzes on fire safety. Quiz is a great way to promote an awareness of the importance of fire prevention and protection.

These free quizzes were created as a fun way to test your knowledge about fire safety at home and in the workplace. When should employees be informed of the fire hazards to which they are exposed at A comprehensive database of more than 47 fire safety quizzes online, test your knowledge with fire safety quiz questions.

Do not forget to share the quiz with your friends and challenge your colleagues. If you feel you want more knowledge about fire safety, be sure to check out our fire safety training courses below. Slip, trip, and fall prevention quiz.

Answer the quiz to see how much you can score. Should you get caught in a fire at a workplace remember. Being prepared can help alleviate panic and dangerous situations if a fire does occur.

Fire/electrical safety the objective of this presentation is to provide you with a basic understanding of safety issues with fire and electricity related to the hospital setting and what your role is. Fire safety in the workplace quiz. Businesses need to have plans for fire safety to protect customers and employees.

What colour is a co2 extinguisher? If you’re unsure then now is the perfect time to run through our workplace fire safety quiz. Fire safety at work 2.

Which fire extinguisher is most suitable for an electrical fire? Safety meeting a nswer keys: What the recommended colour of co2 fire extinguishers?

Fire safety is essential for every workplace. The best way to protect a business from any type of electrical hazard once wiring has been installed is to become familiar with what. In this regard we recommend you to visit our site as it will help you to get the better hold on fire safety knowledge.

Be aware of the pathways to a minimum of 2 exits from every area of the workplace d. Home » fire safety in the workplace quiz. What is the safety protocol when you are on fire?

Know the location of the fire alarms and how to use them. (a) 5 (b) 11 (c) 20 (d) 25 2. These systems must also be extended beyond the workplace to mitigate fire disasters.

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