Feather Safety Razor Review

The ones the groom+style review team looked at first were the razors’ weight, balance, and handle. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links.

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Has a black metal finish

Feather safety razor review. I’m sure the quality of this razor will allow it to last for at least 100 years, probably more. Now some might consider this small and it is a tad shorter than merkur 23c, but its also taller than your average merkur 34c. Excellent grip feeling which fits in hands of most people and is a perfect weight to use.

When judging safety razors, several criteria were most important to us; Incredible craftsmanship is nothing new for this japanese manufacturer that also designs one of the world’s sharpest razor blades. First called the seki safety razor in 1932, this legendary company was founded in osaka, japan.

I knew it had a reputation as a very “mild” razor but at first it was difficult for me to get any kind of decent shave out of it (and i like mild razors) and i considered selling it off. Too light, and the natural tendency is to shave too quickly or press down too hard. And lastly, you should only pair this with feather blades for superior performance.

Got it on ebay for $23 with a 10 pack of lord super stainless, 5 pack of lord platinum, 5 pack of derby, and the two feather blades that came with the razor and free shipping to boot. Simply twist the knob and the razor head opens up so you can insert a new blade! I purchased this razor based on other posts i had read on b&b.

Feather, kai, gillette silver blue, rapira and astra all work well. The clean shave is a brand new player in the market, find out if this razor has what it takes to beat the likes of merkur and edwin jagger. Each piece has been engineered with the utmost quality of stainless steel, you might even be able to pass this down to your son in the future.

Feather all stainless de safety razor with stand feather 3 reviews opens: My feather safety razor came wrapped in an origami style box. I used the lord super stainless blade based on other post stating that they are good for first.

This very well could be the most elegant safety razor i have ever held. Solid stainless steel with nickel chrome plating; The feather popular double edge safety razor is a simple safety razor that maintains jatai’s feather razor design, but uses less expensive materials.

Mine works well with a variety of blades: This stainless steel feather safety razor is also called seki edge, they are the same razor produced at the same factory. 3 ½ inch long handle.

This safety razor measures 4.3 long; This safety razor from feather is an economy model in every respect. The two adjustable settings go from very mild to fairly aggressive (beginners should exercise care).

Feather carries out thoroughgoing management of all of the products at the factories in japan without relying on overseas production, and feather will continue to pursue the quality that can only be made in japan and that can only be created at feather as ever. 4.7/5 stars with 350 reviews. Too heavy, and the razor itself may bear down too strongly.

The closed comb design means the merkur 34c has a safety bar that prevents the blade from having too much contact with the skin. The handle is about 3.5 inches, putting the whole length of the razor at about 3.9 inches. Seki is the sort of name you would associate with a samurai sword.

It wasn’t until 1953 that the company changed its name to feather safety razor co., limited. In terms of performance the merkur 34c hd is quite a mild razor with a closed comb head, although you can always upgrade it with more aggressive safety razor blades like feather. The gutter tends to clog up and is hard to rinse out if you use a rich lather.

Then i tried it with a feather hi stainless double edge blade. Comes with plastic storage case and a pack (5 blades) of feather stainless blades The clean shave razor review:

This is also a great safety razor to test drive if you’re still a little on the fence about switching to wet shaving. This safety razor has over 175 online buyer reviews, and an average buyer satisfaction rating of 90%. Feather’s popular double edge razor offers a superb clean shave with a very sharp yet economical blade!

Feather was the first japanese company to make replaceable blade razors. The feather safety razor company has been producing the sharpest double edge blades for almost a century.

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